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Treatments & Fees

The Cornelscourt Dental team are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest level of care within a relaxed environment. We provide all general dental services, which are described briefly below. During your examination, we will discuss your individualised treatment plan and options with you.

We aim to keep our prices at competitive rates whilst maintaining excellent standards of treatment. As each patient’s needs are unique, these prices are given as a guideline. We ask that where possible, payment is made on the day of treatment.

Dental Examination

Involves health assessment of your oral tissues & gums, natural teeth, restorations (fillings), dental appliances, screening for oral cancer, alignment of your teeth and jaw. If a problem, such as dental decay is found, an x-ray may be taken to examine its extent. For patients who require extensive treatment, photographs outside and inside of the mouth and impressions of your teeth will be taken. You will receive a treatment plan and itemised costing prior to embarking on a course of treatment.

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Examination (standard)€70
Examination (extended: study models, photos & treatment planning)€150
Study models (casts of your teeth)€90
Diagnostic wax-up (for complex cases)€390

Hygienist Services

Also known as scale and polish, your hygienist treatment will involve thorough cleaning of your teeth including hard to reach areas, below the gum line and stain removal. For patients with advanced gum disease, a more extensive cleaning of the root surface and anti-microbial flushing of the gum pockets is required.

Education is a primary goal at Cornelscourt Dental. Following a full dental examination, you may be recommended to attend an oral health education session with your hygienist. Here you will receive tailor-made advice on maintaining optimal oral health. Topics include brushing and inter-dental cleaning, dietary analysis, smoking cessation and denture care. We offer both one-on-one and family sessions.

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Hygienist treatment€88
Advanced gum treatment€150 – €250
Oral health education €0

Children’s Dentistry

Fissure sealants are placed on teeth when there are deep fissures or grooves that are likely to be a risk of decay. It is advised that we screen your child when their first permanent molars erupt (aged 6-7 years) to maximise this protective potential.

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Child examination €50
Fissure sealant (per tooth)€45

Restorative Treatment

We primarily opt for tooth-coloured (composite resin) fillings to mend decayed or damaged teeth. We also provide dental inlays and dental onlays, which may be suitable in cases of significant loss of tooth structure.

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Composite fillings (white/tooth-coloured) €160 – €300
Composite onlay (white/tooth-coloured) €600
Amalgam fillings (silver)€120 – €190

Dental Crowns

Aesthetic treatment options for extensively broken down or discoloured teeth. Choice of crown depends on the position of the tooth, remaining tooth structure and aesthetic concerns of the patient.

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Emax crown* (all ceramic, suitable for front and back teeth)€1100 – €1300
Porcelain-metal crown* (typically back teeth)€1100 – €1300
Full gold crown* (typically back teeth)€1300
Post and core* (internal core support)€300

Dental Implants

Implants are often the ideal solution for replacing missing teeth. A dental implant is a biocompatible screw (often titanium) that is surgically placed into the jawbone to replace the root of a missing tooth. This screw can be used to support a false tooth (crown), bridge or denture.

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Dental Implant consultation€150
Dental Implant consultation (Including CT scan and digital scanning)From €380 per arch
Implant* (an anchor for crown, bridge or denture)€1350 - €1600
Implant crown* (attaches to an implant root)€1450 - €1700
Bone Grafting€600 - €1200

Cosmetic Treatment

If you have stained or darkened teeth, often a professional clean followed by teeth whitening is the treatment of choice to brighten and enhance the natural smile. If the teeth have extensive discolouration or the shape is not liked, veneers can act to camouflage this.

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Teeth whitening – full course & trays€300
Teeth whitening – refill cartridge€25
Porcelain veneer*€1200
Composite veneer*From €350

Specialist Orthodontic Fees

The fee for the initial consultation is €100. This covers a thorough examination of your teeth and jaws and a treatment planning discussion outlining the treatment options to best serve your needs. The fees below are guidelines, and a definitive fee can only be given following a complete diagnostic assessment and will depend on the complexity of your problem, duration of treatment and treatment option chosen.

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Specialist orthodontic consultation€100
Sibling new patient€50
Fixed Braces - MetalPrice starts from €4700
Fixed Braces - CeramicPrice starts from €5000
Invisalign (Upper and Lower)From €5000
Functional brace€1500
Replacement of functional brace€200
Functional brace + Fixed bracesFrom €5000
Removable appliancesFrom €500
Fixed Retainer€200
Removable Retainer€180

Treatment costs include one set of retainers and retention supervision for up to 12 months after the braces have been removed.

Payment Options
Interest-free payment plans are available to spread the cost of your treatment. Treatment is payable as follows: 30% deposit and the remainder over 12-24 months depending on the treatment duration.

All Orthodontic treatments are eligible for Tax Relief at 20% through the Med 2 scheme.

Replacing Missing Teeth

If one or more teeth are lost, the gap can be filled using a bridge (fixed), implant-denture (semi-fixed) or denture (removable). Depending on the number of teeth missing and the health of the remaining natural teeth, we will advise you on the best option for you.

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Bridge* (conventional, per unit)€1050 - €1200
Bridge* (resin bonded)€850 - €1400
Partial denture (acrylic)€650 - €900
Partial denture (chrome)€1500
Full upper or lower dentureFrom €1000
Full upper & lower dentureFrom €1900

Root Canal Treatment

Endodontic treatment involves removal of dead or infected pulp tissue from a tooth while maintaining the exterior structure of the tooth. It is recommended in most cases that a crown is placed following root canal treatment.

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Root Canal Treatment
Anterior tooth*From €650
Premolar tooth*From €750
Molar tooth* €900 - €1200
Post and core build up€300

Tooth Extraction

It is our priority to prevent the unnecessary loss of natural teeth. Occasionally, a tooth must be removed such as due to advanced decay, loss of bone support or for orthodontic reasons.

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Routine extraction€150
Surgical extraction€250 – €350

IV Sedation

IV sedation dentistry works as a form of conscious sedation to help you feel relaxed during your appointment. This method does not put you fully to sleep, but it does make you less aware of your surroundings — including anything the dentist may or may not be doing to your mouth.

1 Hour€800
1.5 Hours€950

Mouth Guards

Night guards are recommended for patients who grind and clench their teeth as this leads to tooth wear. Sports guards are critical during contact sports to protect the teeth and gums.

Night guard for grinding (soft/hard)€180/€250
Sportsguard (different colours available)€120

Facial Aesthetics

We are now offering a range of facial aesthetics treatments in our clinic. Our services include anti-wrinkle treatments, Botox, Dermal Fillers and Profhilo.

One Area€200
Two Areas€280
Three Areas€330
Profhilo (Per Session, Two Sessions Needed)€350
Dermal Fillers
1 ml€300
2 ml€550
3 ml€750

For ongoing treatment, instalments may be made during the course of your treatment.

We accept cash, laser/visa debit, major credit cards and cheques. We are happy to facilitate patients with dental insurance with their claims.

* Certain procedures such as crowns, bridges and root canal treatment are entitled to 20% tax relief at the end of the tax year. This relief is claimable using a med 2 form which we can help you fill out, further details about this are outlined on the revenue website.

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