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Chrome GuidedSMILE

What is Chrome GuidedSMILE Implant Surgery?

Chrome GuidedSMILE Implant Surgery is a new, precise and more comfortable Implant technique using digital technology. The revolutionary surgery delivers virtually pre-planned Dental Implants and a specific treatment plan to ensure precision, efficiency and stability with highly predictable results. Using 3D guided Implant Surgery; we can greatly reduce your risk of complications by predetermining the best location for your Implants as well as their angle and depth. This extensive pre-planning means that your actual time is the chair can be as little as 3 hours, instead of a whole day, which is usually the case with teeth in a day treatments.

4 Steps To Your New Smile

Step 1 – See Your Virtual Smile

We capture high-precision 3D images of your mouth to present a customised treatment plan, and help you to visualise what your new smile will look like once surgery is completed.

Step 2 – The Implant Procedure

Your Dental Implant surgery will take place and multiple implants will be set into your jaw under local anaesthetic. A temporary restoration will be placed on the implants at this point, so that healing may take place.

Step 3 – Patient Healing & Lab Restoration

Your Dental Implant will fuse to your jaw bone over a period of a few months. In the meantime our dental lab will be creating your custom made smile restoration.

Step 4 – See Your New Smile

The new smile restoration will finally be placed on your new secure Implants, and you will be free to show off your new smile to the world.

Benefits of Chrome Guided Implant Surgery

  • Faster (3 Hrs), and more efficient surgery.
  • Highly specific treatment plan.
  • Implants placed with great precision.
  • Easier maintenance.
  • Incredible long-term results.
  • Faster healing process after surgery.
  • Fewer appointments needed.

Replacing Multiple Teeth

If you are missing several teeth, Implant-supported bridges or dentures can help fill in the gaps. These usually consist of a row of multiple teeth that are anchored by the same titanium screws that are used for single tooth Implants.

Implant-supported bridges or dentures are usually much more stable than conventional alternatives and can therefore perform more similarly to your natural teeth. In addition, they can help prevent the deterioration of the jawbone, are more comfortable, do not require adhesives and there is no need to remove them at night. Often, Implant-supported denture or bridge wearers find they have improved confidence due to the overall better performance of these appliances.

Caring for Dental Implants

Like natural teeth, Implants need to be kept pristinely clean. The best way to do this is by brushing and cleaning between the teeth regularly. We will show you the proper cleaning procedure for your Implant(s). We will also ask you to come in for regular dental exams to make sure that your bite is right and that your Implants are secure.

Any questions?

We are experienced and sympathetic in dealing with each patient’s anxieties and pride ourselves on developing a personal relationship with our patients.

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